BLANK (expctopatronum) wrote in survivor10,

The Finale

Am I the only one who was extremely upset about Jeff's boring entrance from Palau to NY? I mean, come on, I expected some machete-action...or at least a helicopter.
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I was disappointed too. He almost always leaves the island via helicopter (which I've renamed "The Probst-a-copter").
How's about Hella-probster? I got nothing.....

LOVE the Bruce Campbell icon :)
the entrace was lame-o.
i agree
I was grateful - the cheesy entrances from the past took up too much time and were totally lame. But that's just my opinion - everyone is different!
I was suprised he didn't do anything, but kind of glad because it wastes so much time. But I do have to admit it's hilarious. That time when he was on the jet-ski was the best. I can't remember what season that was though.
haha yeah, waste of time but its so lame that its funny all over again

i miss it.
i was disappointed :(
I was disappointed. I love the cheesiness of it!

My partner said it was probably due to expenses - but geesh it was part of the overall Survivor we come to expect. I look forward to figuring out how he's going to arrive.
Jeff had mentionned he wouldn't do a big entrance this season, but I can't remember where I read that or why he wouldn't do one.

It relieved me, though. The poor guy was humiliating himself. Vanuatu was the worst: "This is where I get off." I mean, come on.
I was looking forward to it, I was like "How's he going to enter the studio this this year!" and then, psh, he just -walks- right in...
Aye. Same here. Me and my sister were thinking of all the ways he could enter this year. Jeff on a Pogo Stick, Jeff on stilts, etc. He always made a heroic entrance! What happened?
lmao...a pogo stick. That would have been great.
I was glad they did away with the extra nonsense and got right to the vote.

The only upsetting things on the finale were Jeff's hair and Janu's eyebrows. ;)
The only upsetting things on the finale were Jeff's hair

Dear God, I know! I just shook my head at that hair. Somehow, Jeff comments seem less witty with that hair.


12 years ago

It was pretty boring.
I don't know how they could top vanuatu, though... I think they didn't do it because they never want to just be boring an repeat themselves. I mean, nothing tops him hacking through the forest with a machete! That was so wonderfully cheese-tastic, it was fabulous!