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Survivor finale

I can't imagine folks have not at least heard the result by now but because someone will invariably squak about it

It's kind of refreshing to see someone win survivor who was a strong player all along. The thing I think Tom did right was that he was very careful in his wording with people so that he wouldn't be seen as betraying or lying to them.

Other than that I really didn't have much interest in the final this time other than to see how the jury would be. I didn't care much for Katy one way or the other and it seems like she really rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. If you're going to ride coat tails to the final - at least try to be likeable to those that may not be in your alliance but may be part of the jury. Being down right bitchy to Janu was just stupid. Whether or not you think a jury member will vote for you, your answers to their questions may affect how others vote.

Oh and Jeff showed his sadistic side by inviting Wanda to sing at the reunion show!
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