"A woman who identified herself as a customer" (agateway) wrote in survivor10,
"A woman who identified herself as a customer"

The votes... big shock

HE'S ON FIRE!: As expected, New York City firefighter Tom Westman extinguished the competition to win Survivor: Palau Sunday night. The 41-year-old father of three beat runner-up Katie Gallagher by a vote of 6-1. In addition to a cool $1 million, Westman walked off with a brand-new car and a number of Survivor records, including oldest winner, most individual immunity challenges won (five out of seven) and only person not to snicker when Coby announced he was naming his daughter Janu. Jeff Probst, meanwhile, announced that the next Survivor would be set in Guatemala, with contestants making out, er, living among Mayan ruins.

I thought she might have had Ian's vote. I was wrong. Not totally shocked here but I thought she might have more than one vote.
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